Executive commitment

Commitment to being a leader in producing Ethyl alcohol ,Ethanol and Continuous products from ethyl alcohol.
Received The international standards and environmental protection.


Factory Made from agricultural raw materials, including molasses, cassava which is not toxic to the environment.

95% Ethanol

Capacity 400,000 liter/day

1. 95% Ethanol (crude alc.95%)
2. Extra Neutral Alcohol 95%(ENA)
3. Ethanol BP 96%
4. 95% Ethanol (Fuel)

99.5% Ethanol

Capacity 200,000 liter/day

1. 99.5% Ethanol ( Fuel)
2. Extra Neutral Alcohol 99.5%(ENA)

Biomass Power

Capacity 9.9 MW

The production process uses various materials that are biomass. It is a fuel for the production of steam to drive a generator.